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Outcome Running combines two areas that Eoin has extensive knowledge in – Running & Positivity.

Outcome Running is self-help learned through exercise. Did you know the feelings we experience derive from our thoughts and reverberate through our bodies? Change your thoughts and habits and you will change how you feel about yourself.

Outcome Running demonstrates how we can incorporate the positive experiences we gain from running into our everyday lives. Running/jogging/walking are the easiest and most accessible introductions to exercise. When we are enjoying ourselves, we are more open to learning and absorbing information. Most self-help books recommend exercise. Outcome Running uses exercise as the basis for creating greater positivity in your life.

The ten milestones in Outcome Running will bring you on a journey towards greater positivity and better running. The book also includes a master-class goal-setting system designed by award-winning peak performance coach, Eoin Ryan. He also shares the running wisdom gained from completing the Marathon des Sables (the world’s toughest race), the Ironman and multiple ultra-marathons.

Will Outcome Running bring greater positivity to my life? YES

Will Outcome Running empower me to achieve my goals? YES


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12 thoughts on “Outcome Running

  1. “Outcome Running” is a super book. It’s full of ideas, tips and reminders of what’s important and where we need to be focused to achieve what we want or be who we want to be. The ten milestones are cleverly connected to the activity of running which means Eoin is working on our bodies as well as our minds. A great read.

  2. ‘Outcome Running will take you on new adventures both in running and life. Practicable. Enjoyable. Uplifting.’
    Pat Falvey. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Inspirational Speaker

  3. ‘Eoin has completed the hard yards himself and now in Outcome Running he shares his experience and wisdom gained along the way. It’s a book that can help you reach and live in the Positive Zone like Eoin does today’.
    Frank Greally Editor, Irish Runner

  4. ‘With Outcome Running Eoin Ryan has come up with a very innovative concept linking the two passions of his life, coaching and running. This is self-help on the move and Eoin’s conversational and humorous style of writing make this concept easy to understand and to apply. This book is for anyone who is interested in getting fit and feeling good about themselves.’
    Adrian Mitchell, Managing Director, Irish Lifecoach Institute

  5. This is an enjoyable and easy read! It’s not just another book about running because it applies just as much to life and achieving results in everything you do. Jim Kirwan, author of The eXercise Factor, Inspirational Speaker, Coach and Wellbeing Consultant.

  6. I’ve gotten to know Eoin over the last couple of years through running. He’s been there and done that, so when I got the chance to read his new book, I was only delighted to get inside the head of such an accomplished runner. I took so much from the book and I will use it time and again for reference when I need to refocus myself on my goals. A great read and a book you will read time and again.

  7. Eoin Ryan demonstrates all the facets of human core values through his sporting and personal life. His approach is interesting through a “fail and learn” positive approach, leading to success. Eoin’s own experiences and reflections on them, brings his coaching expertise to a higher level. Sebastien Locteau High performance Coach, qualifiers at 4 Olympic Games

  8. I finished this book in one sitting, it’s a great read that combines life coaching and running tips with humorous anecdotes and observations. Not just for runners!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I could not put it down and read it in one go! It’s a very easy read – very well written! This book is full of tips to take you to the next level in life, business and sport! Having met Eoin recently and knowing his Impressive Running achievements, I expected the book to be focused on running and while there are some very useful running tips. He successfully combines this with life coaching tips. The most successful people invest in coaching. This book is a good starting point for personal development.
    Margie Burns – Speaker, Coach and Wellbeing Consultant for Pilots.

  10. Initially i thought I was buying a book just about running because I love to run, not competitively but for fun and fitness. I wanted to improve my running pace to keep up with my 11 year old daughter. Happy to say my running has improved but so have my levels of self awareness and energy. Outcome Running delivers on both. Highly recommend it

  11. Outcome Running is a great read because it applies to everyone whether they are a runner or a non runner. Eoin through his own experiences relates to the ups and downs of life that we all go through. Picking yourself up and persevering through the hard times is where most of us struggle but with the help of the authors tried and tested techniques and exercises anyone who reads this book and genuinely takes in the teachings can put their happiness and life direction on a better course. With the added bonus of some clever tips for the runners this is a highly recommended addition to your book shelf.

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