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The inspiration for the book came from my passion for running, my life experiences and my skills as a Peak Performance coach. Outcome Running is self help learned through exercise empowering you to achieve YOUR goals.

There are 1o milestones in this book for you to follow. The journey through the book sets you up for a master class Goal setting system at the end. Here is one FREE milestone that you can download. I have chosen the 7th Milestone – The Law of Attraction to give you a flavor

‘Outcome Running will take you on new adventures both in running and life. Practicable. Enjoyable. Uplifting.’
Pat Falvey. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Inspirational Speaker

‘Eoin has completed the hard yards himself and now in Outcome Running he shares his experience and wisdom gained along the way. It’s a book that can help you reach and live in the Positive Zone like Eoin does today’.
Frank Greally Editor, Irish Runner

A unique Wellness programme for Businesses.

Focusing on Mentality fitness and Physical fitness of Staff.

How Successful Businesses Improve Absenteeism.

Boost the Significance of your Staff and your bottom line.

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Finding the right coach will be your critical next step towards implementing the important changes needed in your life or business. Each Coach has strengths in certain areas. I would add that their strengths come from their personal and professional experiences.

I have coached people with the highest levels of motivation to the lowest. Fortunately for me (as a Peak Performance Coach) – I’ve experienced both.

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