“I recently took part in the 14 week FitBIZ Wellness
programme. I can honestly say my life has changed
for the better because of this.”

Dick Walsh. Hotel General Manager & Consultant

What Is FitBIZ?

FitBIZ is a unique 14 week webinar based Employee Wellness Programme for companies large or small with tangible results.

The goal of FitBIZ is to bring employees on a journey towards a new more energetic and healthier lifestyle.

FitBIZ focuses on four key pillars: Exercise. Nutrition. Sleep. Goals

Hosted by Eoin Ryan Award Winning Peak Performance Coach and assisted by the 360° Journal:

Track and Measure

The programme allows a business to track and measure weekly progress made by employees via the FitBIZ champions. Set a target to collectively lose xx kgs….

Clear Objective

The programme has a clear objective at the end of the 14 weeks: Energised and Healthier employees. It culminates with each employee completing a target road race.


Employees can set Goals in areas including: Personal Development/ Finances/ ‘Things’ Goals in line with their values via the Master Class Goal Setting programme. Goals can be aligned with company objectives


Sample Videos

FitBIZ Promotional Video (how it works)
Weekly Motivational Lesson- FUN
Exercise Section- Quick Wins

Key Metrics - FitBIZ is delivered as a 3.5 month programme

To see the full 14 week FitBIZ programme click here


  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Increased bottom line profitability.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Reduction in staff turnover.
  • Cost reductions.
  • Strengthening of company culture.
  • Instilling a Goal Setting mentality
  • Create a FUN buzz


To improve the physical fitness and boost energy of the participants over 14 weeks. To provide a structured Employee Wellness programme covering Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. With an additional 9 x Motivational weekly videos to keep everyone on track. The addition of the Master Class Goal setting programme delivers clarity of purpose to busy lives.

To prepare participants to set a Goal and complete a road running race.

How It Works


  • 14 weeks of videos. 4 hours in total
  • Supported by the 360 Journal
  • Masterclass Goal Setting programme
  • Key focus: Exercise (running), Sleep, Nutrition and 9 x weekly motivational lessons
  • Tangible weekly tracked Goals


Weekly Trackers monitor progress in each 360° Journal. These trackers can be published by the FitBIZ Champions. A company can also add it’s own KPI’s from past or current wellness programmes.

The tracking system also caters for employees who work remotely. Ideal for shift workers too

Set Goals in line with the company objectives and values via the Master Class Goal Setting programme.

Check out the promotional video that explains this in more detail click here

Click on journal to see contents

Testimonial Videos

Dick Walsh. Hotel General Manager & Consultant
Fergus Croke. Funds Manager
Price Plan

FitBIZ 14 week Employee Wellness programme includes:

  • 4 Hours of Webinar videos
  • The 360° Journal (includes Master Class Goal setting programme)
  • PLUS Bonus video ‘How to prepare for a race’
  • €195 + VAT per employee
  • The FitBIZ programme allows a business to track and measure progress made by employees via the FitBIZ champions and Weekly Trackers. Training for the road racing Goal is a team building exercise. Bespoke requests can be added to the programme…
Discount for large groups...

Contact Details

For further details contact Trainer and Creator of FitBIZ Eoin Ryan

eoin@eoinryancoaching.com | +353 86 3060890