One to One Coaching

Is Coaching For You?

Many of us acknowledge that change is necessary in our lives but don’t feel empowered or confident enough to act upon it. This can be frustrating and self limiting.

Ask yourself the question ‘am i happy with the current circumstances?’ If the answer is ‘no’, then Peak Performance Coaching might be the spark to help you focus on the changes you need to make.

Working with a Coach can help you unlock your potential that in some instances you won’t even realise you have!

To put Peak Performance Coaching into a sentence: It examines your current circumstance (the present) and assists you to work towards your Goal (the future).  I use the word Goal often as this is your ultimate target. Change does not have to be scary or daunting.
I have the experience in breaking down Goals into tangible chunks from my own past experiences. Once we establish and examine what it is you wish to achieve – the coaching sessions can be the most empowering and life changing experiences you will ever have.

Is Coaching For You?

Did you know that most people (perhaps unawares) are only passively listening to us? If you feel like you are not being heard or helped– that might explain why… Coaching is not just listening to what you say. But also, how you say it. It is listening at a much deeper level with compassion and without judgement. I have ten years’ experience working as a life coach. My clients include high energy people winning national titles and low energy unmotivated people.

Are You Stuck?

Do you feel like you could achieve more? Are you low on energy? How long has this been going on for…. I can help, because I know how that feels.Coaching is investing in yourself. It is understanding first and then breaking free from routines that are not serving you. This journey might seem daunting alone. That is where having a coach in your corner can help you to springboard into a new more positive and energetic you. I have the tools and experience to help you.

Please note that all coaching sessions are confidential and will involve you taking action(s).

When you book a coaching session you will get FREE access to the unique 360 Journal app.

How it Works

Coaching can be conducted online or in person at Ballyboden, Dublin 12.

1 x coaching session = €125 / hour

If you would like to have a 10min chat in advance. Phone Eoin at 086 3060890. If call goes to voice message please leave your name and number and a time that suits you to speak and he’ll return your call.


Does Coaching Work?

Yes – I see it with all my clients. Should you try it? Sure – if you want to improve your life. Remember you only get one shot at life. Why not make it a fulfilling one….

What will be your role?

My role as a Coach to establish a safe & trusting environment with the following attributes: Humour, Honesty, Excitement, Learning, Challenge and above all Action towards your Goal. Eoin’s prefered method for Life Coaching is face to face. The reason for this is that it quickens the coach/ client bond. Although online and by telephone can also be used. To book a session click here

Is Coaching the same as Counselling?

Peak Performance Coaching focuses on the present and the future and is in the area of development. Counselling focuses on the past and the present and is in the area of recovery.

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