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Member of the Professional Speaking Association.

Diploma Irish Life Coach Institute & Fetac Level 6 Business and Life Coaching.
NLP Practitioner 

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Meet Eoin


Finding the right Speaker/ Trainer/ Coach will be your critical next step towards implementing the important changes needed in your business/ life. Each individual has strengths in certain areas. I would add that their strengths come from their professional and personal experiences.

I have spoken to/ trained and coached people with the highest levels of motivation to the lowest. Fortunately for me (as a Peak Performance Coach) – I’ve experienced both.

It is important to connect with your Speaker / Trainer / Coach

Every experience that I have gained in my life has moulded me into who I am. For a long time I thought life happened ‘to me’ and was happy to drift along. Then I noticed I was repeating the same mistakes. This lead to a period of stagnation and frustration until I finally decided to empower myself. Ever since that moment I decided to take action and grow and lead a life in sync with my beliefs and values.

Those earlier experiences allow me to appreciate the flow that I now have in my life. I have transformed my life from passive indifference to a life a Goal setting possibilities. If I can do this successfully – I can also show you how to.

Some of my high points:

  • Entrepreneur – founded one of the largest sports events business in Ireland. Ryano Event Mgt 2008 – present
  • My first book became an Amazon Kindle No1 bestseller  ‘Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge’ 2010
  • ICF Award winning Coach in 2015
  • Finished Marathon des Sables (the world’s toughest footrace) 2015
  • Finished 2 x Ironman distance races
  • Granted membership of Professional Speaking Association 2016
  • Second book Outcome Running – 10 Steps towards a more Positive and Active you 2017
  • Accredited a Business All Star in 2018
  • Father to baby Ella

My ongoing Goal is to continue being a happy and successful person…
Having had a few bumps along the way in life – it has allowed me to gather a lot of ‘life experience’. This leaves me best placed to understand how setting Goals and making changes to achieve those Goals can have a very positive impact on your life. Right now I’m focused on several significant Goals. Watch this space…

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