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Member of the Professional Speaking Association.

Diploma Irish Life Coach Institute & Fetac Level 6 Business and Life Coaching.
NLP Practitioner 

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Meet Eoin


Finding the right Speaker/ Trainer/ Coach will be your critical next step towards implementing the important changes needed in your business/ life. Each speaker has strengths in certain areas. I would add that their strengths and value come from both their professional and personal experiences. I only speak about (or train) on topics I’ve experienced first hand.

I am forturnate that i have spoken to, trained and coached people from the highest levels of motivation to the lowest. Happily for me (as a Wellness Coach) – I’ve experienced both ends.

It is important to connect with your Speaker / Trainer / Coach

Many experiences that I gained in my life have moulded me into a Wellness Coach. I have trained for and completed some of the toughest races in the world. I’ve worked as a Life Coach for nine years. I’m a qualified personal trainer. I have written a book on running and positivity called Outcome Running. I’ve created the 360 Journal. I work in the fitness industry organising road races. And I am a survivor of suicide

Some of my high points:

  • Finished 2 x Ironman distance races
  • Entrepreneur – founded one of the largest sports events business in Ireland. Ryano Event Mgt 2008 – present
  • Qualified peronal trainer 2008
  • Qualified Life Coach 2010
  • My first book became an Amazon Kindle No1 bestseller  ‘Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge’ 2010
  • ICF Award winning Coach in 2015
  • Finished Marathon des Sables (the world’s toughest footrace) 2015
  • Granted membership of Professional Speaking Association 2016
  • Second book Outcome Running – 10 Steps towards a more Positive and Active you 2017
  • Accredited a Business All Star in 2018
  • Created the 360 Journal 2018
  • Father to Ella & Zoe
  • Third book Trawled published in 2019
  • Launced FitBIZ Employee Wellness Programme 2019

My ongoing Goal is to continue being a happy and successful person…
Having had a few bumps along the way in life and business has allowed me to gather a lot of ‘life experience’. This leaves me well placed to understand resilience, the importance of keeping my energy high and how setting Goals and making changes to achieve those Goals can have a very positive impact on the life we live.

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