The 360 Journal (new 2nd edition)


Ready for a NEW You?

Getting the simple but very important things right in a busy world will be key to your success. The 360 Journal is designed to assist in reprogramming you for success.

By recording what/how you are you are currently doing in the three key areas of sleep, nutrition and exercise you will see how they influence your overall health, happiness and energy levels.

What gets recorded gets done. Take your life to the next level!

The New (2nd edition) 360 Journal also includes a two stage Master Class Goal setting programme. Stage one involves identifying your current core Values. This gives you an opportunity to check the alignment of your Goals from stage 2 with your core Values. If you have synergy – the chances of your success will greatly increase!

Setting congruent Goals in line with your Values will be a WIN WIN for you. 

The 360 Journal is unique in how records your Goals and your transition towards a ‘new’ more energetic and healthier YOU

Wishing you every success

Eoin Ryan – Peak Performance Coach

The 360 Journal

Records and Includes the following:

Size A4.  51 pages

Sample Version of 360 Journal  (4th edition)  SAMPLE VERSION 2020

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Product Description

Sample of 10 pages from the original Journal. The 2nd edition contains much more including Master Class Goal setting programme and 5 x Training plans



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Michelle Chisholm
Michelle Chisholm
4 years ago

‘I really love your journal! I have been recording my runs in a running journal for a couple of years now, but yours lets me focus on the whole picture. I know I need to work on getting more sleep and drinking more water for example’. Michelle Chisholm, Canada

Anne Marie Graham
4 years ago
Rating :

I set a goal for myself to become fitter in Spring 2018 and I used Eoin’s 360 Degree Journal for a period of 12 weeks. The journal was amazing. Simple, Concise and Focused which meant that I had total clarity on my goals and my progress. The journal became my accountability partner. Initially I thought the journal was just for runners but it would be equally effective for someone who wants to do an exercise like walking, which was my exercise of choice given the limitations of running with slipped discs like I have. The journal not only helped me… Read more »