In the summer of 1999, twenty-four-year-old Irishman Eoin Ryan was following the well-beaten path through Australia’s backpacker haunts and hostels. In a search for the road less travelled, he blagged his way onto a prawn trawler plying the tropical waters of the Coral Sea[AW1] .

There he discovered a rarely seen world of hard labour and even harder fishermen, where drinking, fighting, storms and hungry sharks were a part of everyday life. Eoin’s diary captures what one crew member describes as ‘the craziest six weeks of fishing ever’. But when conflict on board reaches a climax, what began as adventure ultimately degenerates into a gripping struggle to stay alive.

Told in raw, uncompromising language, this is an exuberant story of adventure, crisis and brutality, culminating in an unforgettable moment of redemptive grace.

Eoin Ryan is a Dublin-based life coach, motivational speaker and trainer. Trawled is his second book following the success of his first, Outcome Running, in 2017. He is also an entrepreneur, organising road races annually for around twelve thousand people. A serial goal-setter, he has helped many people achieve their goals. The main motivation for sharing his personal story is to encourage others to ask for help sooner rather than later.


A €1.00 donation will be made to the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) for the sale of each book by the author.


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Hi Eoin, I finished the book last week. It’s a great read, told with authenticity and passion. There are a whole lot of people thankful for that tri-net been lost. Your story may never have reached others if that event didn’t occur. Life would have been very different for us all, we wouldn’t have realised obviously, but we would have missed out on your positivity. A lot of us have our own tri-net moments that we need to be thankful of, and the last few chapters in your book are a great reminder of that. Thanks for dedicating your time… Read more »

Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle

“An epic story of one man’s survival through six weeks of physical and mental torture on the high seas off the Australian coast”
Michael Doyle News and Features Journalist South East Radio

Dympna Coughlan
Dympna Coughlan

Trawled is a very honest account by Eoin Ryan of his experience of working on a prawn trawler with three tough men off the coast of Australia. He was totally unprepared for the very hard work both physically and mentally. What started as an adventure quickly turned into a nightmare and a fight for survival. The human spirit won out in the end but it was touch and go and could very easily have turned into a tragedy. It is a story of triumph in the face of adversity but it is also a cautionary tale to would-be adventurers to… Read more »